All About Mental Health and Peer Counselling

Mental Health Initiative

At SAGPRC, we understand that a student’s success is directly impacted by their mental health. Let’s face it. College life isn’t always the easiest.  Top that off with the stress of every day life or past issues and things can start to build up.  Everyone needs support sometime in their life.  And many need it now.

The SA Office has a network of resources available for any student who feels that things are becoming too much to handle or needs additional coping tools.  We never want a student to feel that they are alone.  We are here to help.

SAGPRC is committed to doing our part to raise the awareness of how important taking care of our mental health is.  We support Mental Health Awareness Week each semester and offer activities throughout the year that encourage students to remember to put their mental wellness first.

Peer Counselling

Sometimes having the opportunity to connect with another student that has gone through something similar or at least understands post-secondary pressures can make a difference.  They can relate to what it’s like when it seems that everything is caving in, slipping away or just too much.

Peer Counselling is a program offered by the SAGPRC and GPRC at no charge to the student.  It is funded through the Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation (ACMHI) Fund.  Peer Counsellors are GPRC students who volunteer their time to manage the GPRC Peer Counselling Centre. These Peer Counsellors are trained and knowledgeable about mental health and students’ issues that may arise during your time here.

Some issues over which students seek counselling include:

  • anxiety
  • death of a family member or a friend
  • depression
  • difficulties balancing school work with other commitments
  • family problems
  • relationship concerns
  • sexual assault
  • stress
  • work or career decisions
  • and many other issues

The GPRC Peer Counselling Centre is located in room B309.  A Peer Counsellor is available on Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, from September to June, excluding holidays, for drop-in sessions based on a first come first served basis. However, emergency or students in crisis will be seen as soon as possible.

Peer counselling is confidential and is available to GPRC students only.

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