Life Lesson to Control Your Anger 

inspirational story:

There was a boy. His name was Dave. Dave had a very bad temper. He used to fight on small issues. His father used to get the complaints from the parents and the school kids regarding Dave’s bad temper. His father once got an idea and handed over a bag of nails to Dave. He said “Dave, hold this bag and you will have to hammer a nail into the fence every time you get angry or lose your temper.”

On the first day after getting the bag from his father, Dave hammered 40 nails on the fence. Hammering nails was a tough task and gradually, Dave started controlling his anger. The second day he hammered only 20 nails and soon the number of nails started decreasing.


Dave discovered that hammering the nails into the fence was a tough task and controlling anger was easier as compared to it. When Dave approached his father and told him that he can control his anger now and will not behave in such a way, Dave’s father asked him to take out the nails that he have hammered into the fence, everyday he kept his anger under control.

Inspirational Short Story

Dave started taking out the nails as suggested by his father. Soon enough he took out all the nails and reported to his father. Dave’s father led him to the fence and gave him a brilliant life lesson there itself.

“I appreciate the way you controlled your temper my son. But look at the fence. These holes that you left here, every time you lost your temper are no different than the scars you leave on the other person’s heart, every time you shoot your anger on them.”

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